Welcome to Tepper Law Firm's new and improved website

It's really been a long time coming and we are very excited. The idea is to provide information to allow prospective clients to make an informed decision about their case and their representation. Additionally, TLF's new site is designed to be a resource for people to find the answers they are looking for without even having to pick up the phone. Our Lawsuit Library and FAQ pages will be tremendous assets for people to find out things like court filing fees, court forms and other very handy information. We hope TLF's new website will become a useful self-help destination that will grow as time passes.

This blog is going to be focused on the funny, the informative, the unusual and the helpful in all areas of the law with an emphasis on litigation. It is my sincere hope people will navigate to
tepplaw.com to read my legal views so that they might both laugh and learn, question and answer. Please enjoy.

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