Landlord-Tenant Dispute in Los Angeles?

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At Tepper Law Firm, we understand the nature of landlord-tenant disputes. Because we have experience representing both sides of the fence, we have a keen insight on this unique area of law. As aggressive and tenacious litigators, we know how to use our knowledge and understanding of the legal arena to help give your case the upper-hand.

Why Clients Choose Tepper Law Firm:

  • Experience: Our attorneys have experience representing both landlords and tenants throughout the Los Angeles County area. No case is too complex for us.
  • Efficiency: We know that eviction lawsuits are all about speed. We swiftly prepare all necessary paperwork and quickly respond to any actions against you.
  • Cost: We strive to keep our clients’ cost low. Our fees and costs reflect this. We understand that litigation can be expensive at times, but we specifically seek cost-effective solutions.
  • Results: Most importantly, we know our clients want results. We prepare thoroughly, litigate fiercely, and negotiate effectively to help secure the best possible outcome.

If you are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, speak with our Los Angeles landlord-tenant lawyers as soon as possible. We act swiftly and effectively to help secure the best possible outcome in your case. Contact our offices today and request your initial consultation.

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How Our Los Angeles Attorneys Can Help You

Because we are capable of representing both landlords and tenants, we handle a range of landlord-tenant matters. Unlawful detainers (eviction lawsuits) are all about speed. Often times there is much more to it than simply serving a Three Day Notice and then filing suit. You have to prepare fast and respond even faster.

We know how to swiftly facilitate an eviction and we know how to enforce your rights if you are a renter. There are differences between commercial evictions and residential evictions, and we know how to handle these types of legal matters. Each case is slightly different, but no matter the scenario, we will effectuate an outcome that meets your long-term goals, needs, and interests.

In addition to evictions and unlawful detainers, TLF also can help you with the following issues:

  • Rent control issues
  • Nuisance problems
  • Foreclosure issues for owners, renters and buyers
  • Evictions
  • Relocation fee claims
  • Leases (residential and commercial)
  • Rent increases/change in lease terms
  • Tenant repair and deduct
  • Estoppel certificates
  • Land use and zoning
  • City/County inspections and citations
  • Trespass
  • Restraining Orders
  • Constructive eviction
  • Lawsuits for damages

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TLF represents both landlords and tenants and much of what we do involves lawsuits between these two parties. The issues that arise between tenants and landlords in Los Angeles can be numerous. Whatever the problem may be, TLF can help.

Though we always try to negotiate and settle the case before going to court, we can be trusted to aggressively litigate on your behalf if we cannot negotiate a favorable outcome. As experienced litigators, we know that the best way to handle any case is to be aggressive, persistent, and determined. The Los Angeles landlord-tenant attorneys at TLF can help you maximize your chances of getting the results you need.

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