Immigration Reform Is Coming In 2013

There are many reasons the Pathway to citizenship will become the law of the land. They are outlined here in very specific detail for you understanding. The short answer: the politics of the last election combined with the economy make this the exact moment in time for immigration reform.

TLF is going to be ready and able to act as a buffer between the government and the applicant to ensure all paperwork is filled out correctly, timely and that it is sent exactly where it needs to go. This is not going to be a general amnesty like 1986. Rather, this is going to be a complex series of steps that the applicant is going to need to take in order to get to the back of the line to apply for citizenship. They will have to register, be fingerprinted, show proficiency in English, pay back taxes and possibly even fines. Each of these requirements consitutes and "step" down the Pathway.

It is not going to be easy. But TLF is prepared to help each and every person who wants to obtain legal status to live and work in the US so that, one day, they can join the ranks of citizens enjoying the full fruits and protections of the laws. Call TLF today to talk about what you need to do in anticipation of this coming monumental event. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide if TLF is the right fit to help you in your great quest.

Check out this video of President Obama explaining why immigration makes the United States great. Also note that at the end of the video there is a recitation of the oath for new citizens. TLF's goal is to get you to that point to say those very words! For an understanding about how immigration makes our economy grow, check out this article.