Family Law

Family law encompasses much more than just divorce. It also about adoptions, estate planning, restraining orders, legal separations, child and spousal support enforcement and modification and more. If you have questions or need representation for these areas Tepper Law Firm can help you.

When it comes to divorce, understanding the law and understanding your rights is the key. The process can be complex and long and can seem unfair. We take as much time as is required to really counsel you so you understand what is going on, and what to expect. As we demystify the process you will feel better and better and more in control.

When children are involved getting everyone set up with child custody, child visitation and child support as quickly as possible is another key objective. The court and TLF are most concerned about your child's best interests. Setting up the boundaries and obligations for everyone involved as soon as possible is the best way to avoid conflict and help your child transition.

In short, there are many, many issues that can be involved with a divorce. There is separate property, community property and quasi-community property. Issues of both legal and physical custody of children, including potential child custody evaluations. Child and spousal support are always big issues. What about California's policy to ensure both parties eventually become self-supporting? We know the questions and we have the answers.

Also, when your marriage ends you need to reassess your entire estate plan to ensure your assets after marriage go to those you want. TLF has the years of experience to see you through this most difficult time and to help you set up your new life in the best possible way.

Finally, a contested divorce action is civil litigation. All of the same reasons you would hire TLF to litigate your civil complaint (see our Civil Litigation page) serve as reasons to hire us to litigate your divorce. In a divorce you have to investigate and gather evidence, prepare legal briefs, argue motions and eventually, if the case does not settle, have a trial with live witnesses and documentary evidence. In that case, you want seasoned, aggressive and thorough attorneys who will represent your interests with vigor.

If you are looking at this page and contemplating a divorce or have been served with divorce papers, call us up and we will answer your questions. We are here for you!

If you are paying support and need it modified call us.

If you are being paid support and need more or are owed past support, call us.
If you need to change your custody and visitation agreement then give us a call and we'll get it done.

These are some of the most common areas of family law TLF can help with:


Uncontested/default divorce

Spousal support modification

Child Support modification

Collection of past due support owing

Child custody

Support enforcement

Prenuptial agreements




Estate Planning

Health care directives

Powers of attorney