Fees & Costs

Cost-Effective Service from Our Los Angeles Lawyers

Hiring an attorney is expensive. Litigation is expensive. TLF understands and recognizes this fact and does everything it can to minimize fees and costs and maximize returns. More than half of TLF's clients have used TLF previously, and our service and value is the way TLF gets our clients to return over and over since 1993.


Most legal service is performed at an hourly rate:

  • Attorney Nick Tepper charges $325 per hour, which is far less than many other attorneys with his record and his decades of experience
  • TLF's associates charge $225 per hour
  • Our paralegals (everyone working at TLF holds at least a paralegal certificate) charge $55 per hour

How Much Will This Cost Me?

If the question about cost involves something non-adversarial, such a drafting documents, setting up an LLC, getting a name changed, or preparing a contract, TLF can work out a flat fee or can give you a good, close estimate about all fees and costs. Much of TLF's workload is done on a flat fee basis.

If your case involves going to court, it is impossible to predict the fees and costs. Filing motions, taking depositions, discovery, and, of course, trial, can be costly depending on the subject and time needed. No two lawsuits are the same and no two play out exactly the same way. There are just too many variables to be able to predict how much a case is going to cost. Of course there are fixed costs for a lawsuit, but those usually represent a very small portion of total costs for any lawsuit.

Recognizing this unpredictability of costs, TLF always pursues a very aggressive strategy to both prepare for trial should that become necessary and optimize a settlement for every case.

Contingency Fees

Potential clients also often ask about fees being paid on a contingency basis. A contingency fee is when the attorney is paid from the proceeds of the recovery. TLF does take some cases on a contingency basis, although more often than not lawsuits are paid on an hourly basis.

TLF has built a reputation for results and value. We do everything we can to hold down costs and get the best possible results. We want you back and will do everything to earn your return business.

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