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Any type of legal dispute or civil litigation can be life-changing. Without first knowing your rights or your options, one minor mistake could jeopardize your rights for the long-term. At Tepper Law Firm, however, we emphasize two things: getting results for our clients and serving them in the most personalized, cost-effective manner possible. Putting your case in our hands means you will have direct access to an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable Los Angeles lawyer who is personally invested in bringing your case to a successful conclusion.

Results-Oriented. Client-Focused. Cost-Effective.

Our philosophy can be summarized as follows: results-oriented, client-focused, and cost-effective legal advocacy. Our unique approach often results in satisfactory outcomes for our clients, whether they are facing issues regarding landlord-tenant issues, real estate, business law, or appeals. While we strive to keep your legal matter as private as possible by way of negotiation or arbitration, we can be trusted to litigate fiercely on your behalf should it come to that. Most importantly, we keep you updated on every development in your case so you can make empowered, informed decisions moving forward. We utilize state of the art internet Cloud technology to allow you to access your case calendar, documents, invoices and other important information needed to create an interactive "in touch" atmosphere for your case involvment. We use the client portal known as MyCase and it is fantastic. You can check it out here: MyCase

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The TLF Philosophy

  • Service – At TLF, we place a premium on client service. Serving our clients and aiming for their total satisfaction is our number one driving passion, cause, and purpose. We aren’t happy unless you are.
  • Resourcefulness – We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting-edge of legal representation. Our firm is totally computerized, making us innovative researchers just as we are environmentally conscious.
  • Aggressiveness – Most people do not want to be involved in bitter courtroom battles. We aggressively stand up for our clients, diligently push their case, and tirelessly fight for the best possible outcome.
  • Results – Though we focus on helping you secure a swift resolution, we do not compromise on the final results. We are persistent advocates who seek for the best possible outcome in your case.

Creating Solutions for Clients Since 1993

  • “They get their clients and the GET results.”

    - Mark

  • “Nick Tepper is by far one of the best lawyers in town.”

    - Karina

  • “Nick is your guy.”

    - Udi

  • “Excellent, One Of The Best Attorneys In Los Angeles”

    - Andrea

  • “Nick had the courage and foresight.”

    - Ethan

  • “I will continue to use his services.”

    - Lindsey

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